Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

Joel and I didn't want to wait any longer, so we went to Fetal Fotos to find out the sex of the baby. It's a girl. I just started crying, I said that it didn't matter what the sex was, but I am just so excited to have a daughter. It's time to shop!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So cute

I just love this little boys face.

Little Snake

Joel and Jordan were out working in the yard, Joel was digging holes for some new trees and the come across some worms. Jordan was SO excited and came running up to me saying, "Look Mommy, little snake" he was so proud and amazed by his new little friend. He is such a boy.

Hair Gel

I walked into the bathroom today and Jordan was standing there with his whole jar of hair gel that he covered his hair in. As soon as I saw him he said “Mommy, I so cute.” How do you get mad at a cute face like that?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well It is confirmed, I am officially pregnant. I FINALLY got confirmation today that there is a baby in there an not just something that makes me throw up a lot. I know it sounds totally stupid, and I knew I am pregnant. But something inside of me really couldn’t except it. I felt like it was maybe a tumor, or all in my head or something. I know it sounds lame, but until I could see it for myself its hard to take the Doctors word on it. Anyways, I had my first appointment with my doctor today, and when she came in and said, “ can you believe you are pregnant?” I said no, and she better show me something today. The stepped out of the room so I could put the gown on for the ultrasound and I looked and Joel and got tears in my eyes because I was so scared that nothing was going to be there. But the second she put the wand on my belly my little babies face popped right up, like he/she was sitting there waiting for the camera. Its was unmistakable. We got to see it's little face so close up, and I think he was smiling at us. Then she started moving like crazy, just swimming around like it was in the pool. We saw every little angle, and the baby even kept opening and clenching his little fist. I was so hoping to see something, but it was way more than I hoped for. I never realized that the baby would be so active and alive already. It wouldn’t hold still for a minute, just like Jordan. Joel and I were both crying, it was unbelievable. Actually, scratch that, I finally for the first time really in my heart and head, believe that I am actually going to have a baby. And we totally fell in love with him/or her. And yes I will be finding out as soon as possible what the actually sex it. I am no good with surprises. This has been a great day. Also I am 12 weeks today, which means I have less than 3% chance that I will miscarry and that I am finally in the safe zone. WOW, what a day. Maybe I can relax a little now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Brittany Spears Concert

Tonight I went with my friend Brittany to the Brittany Spears concert. Say what you will about Brittany Spears, but the girl can dance and she knows how to put on a show. Anyone who can make me get up and dance I usually like. I have never been one to go to a concert to listen to their voice, I can do that on the radio, I only like to go to a concert if there is going to be a great performance with it, and it really was. Her and her dancers were amazing. I was so tired by the end of the night from dancing but it was a great break from sitting home throwing up all the time. I was actually surprised by the people who was there also, everyone was a group of moms out with their friends, I thought for sure it would be a bunch of teenagers but instead it was all their Moms. Only in Utah.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was great. They had an Easter party at Draper Park, and Joel and I took Jordan. Jordan got so excited when he that he got to gather Easter eggs, he ran all the way there with Joel at his side. They made you circle the area of the hunt then they blew this big fog horn whistle and all the kids took off running. Jordan was freaking out with excitement. Of course he wanted to open each egg before he gathered the next one, but he still ended up with enough. He was just so cute running around with his basket. They also had a bounce house there, and clowns, and jugglers and face painting. We had a great time and it was all free, which was the best part. I’m glad we went, we will have to go every year. We then took him over to Thanksgiving point since I just got the season pass, and went to the Dinosaur Museum. He loved it, we let him play in the kids area with the water and sand and Joel and him made lakes and rivers and made the flash floods knock over all the plastic dinosaur. Its was so cute. Then we just went and grabbed lunch and all came home and took naps. I have never napped so much in my life, but it felt great.

On Easter Sunday, Joel hid candy around the house for Jordan this morning, and got him a Tomas the Train Easter basket. Jordan was so excited to gather candy and just kept saying “I mun d Ester Bonny” ( I love the Easter Bunny) he was a lot of fun. But note to self for next year, he needs to wake up and have a healthy breakfast before the candy starts cause he was so wired and silly. We were cracking up at him cause he was because he was being so silly. Then he crashed and got tired and grumpy, man, no one can say the sugar doesn’t affect us. But it was a great morning

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Pregnant

Yes you heard right. We just found out that I am pregnant, after soooo many years and so much money on failed fertility attempts. I got pregnant without the help of any Doctors and completely natural. I have never been so shocked in my life. We are expecting in November. YEA!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the video when we told my parents the good news. They came to Salt Lake the day after we found out, and met at dinner at the roof on temple square. They were so excited, after they figured out what was going on, of course their first reaction was that we were adopting again but when the found out I was pregnant they hit the roof.  Love watching this video

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jordan Turns 3

Jordan turned 3 this week, I cant believe how fast he is growing. He is so much fun.