Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jordans 2 1/2 year photo chase shoot

I gave up trying to shoot Jordan in the studio, So I decided just to follow him around the park down the street, and my backyard. I was able to really photograph his true personality that way, and I can remember all the cute natural looks he gets. Notice the end of the shoot, he was sick of me following him around so he tried to hide in the dyer, and said "all done" He better start getting use to it.

1st Bike

No!! He cant be old enough to ride a bike yet. Actually he cant ride it yet because he little legs cant reach the pedals, so he just walks around on it. Joel bought him his first Bike at REI and it is so little, maybe in a few years he will be able to sit on it.


Lisa family came up for the week this week, and we had so much fun. Joel got off work early a few days so he took Jordan and I went with them to Seven Peaks Water park, and to Lagoon the next day. It was great to be able to ride the rides with older kids that don't have to sit on your lap. I haven't be able to spend as much time with Lisa's kids as I would like, and we all had so much fun together, I was impressed my how daring they all were, even Spencer, the youngest, went on all the rides and kept right up. One of the best things about being away from home is that you get to spend everyones vacations with them. Its such a great way to get to know your family at a whole different level, and see them interact with each other. They are a great family, I am lucky that they let me hang out with them.
PS. Word of advice, don't put your cell phone in your pocket at Lagoon, Or at least don't go down the hydro tube in a raft and think you wont get your pocket wet. (thanks Jess)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Camp Out

My Family went camping at Mt. Charleston this weekend. I had a great time the first few hours till it starting raining and soaked our tent. Jordan didn't nap so after the first few hours he became demon child. I wimped out and went home at bedtime to sleep. He rest of the family had a wonderful time, but as far as Jordan's first camp out, not so much. We will try again next summer.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Little Lake

When Amy and her Kids came up, and Emily stayed the week, we had a blast. Of course I forgot me camera almost every time we went somewhere, but we did bring it on our little picnic at the lake. I didn't think the kids would get in the cold water, so we didn't bring a change of clothes, but it didn't stop them, they had a great time splashing each other and playing in the muddy ground.

After they played in the water I tried to change Jordans Diaper since he was all wet, he took off running as soon as my head was turned. I swear that Boy is to fast. He is my little free spirit

I can't help it, I love this picture, he has the the cutest butt (sorry mom) in the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I went and visited my friend of like 15 years Vicki-Nicki, Vicki-Nicki, Vicki-Nicki, in Beaver this week. She was there on Vacation, She moved to Tuscan,Tacoma,Tallahassee or somewhere like that. We had a great time just hanging out. I miss that girl, we have always worked together and lived by each other and it makes me sad not to have our nightly drug drop offs anymore, what will the neighbors have to talk about?

They went fishing and brought back a ton of fish, Jordan thought it was so cool to touch a real fish. The kids went on the slip and slide, but Jordan couldnt really figure it out so I gave him a little push

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fathers Day

Joel's fathers day gift from Jordan was a front mounted seat for his bike. They are a lot safer than the old back mounted seats and Joel loves to drive around with Jordan between his arms so he can talk and point out the world to him. He is the best Dad in the world, We are so lucky to have him.

My Little Gym

We put Jordan in a Little Gym class. I is having a blast, but he doesn't really listen to anything the teacher says, or doesn't like to wait his turn, but we are working on it. Actually, his favorite part is the end of class when the teacher blow bubbles on his belly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Jordan is totally obsessed with trains right now, so when we found this train graveyard, He got so excited, he let out the biggest squeal I have ever heard and couldnt wait to go explore them. We stayed for so long because he couldnt get enough. He just kept saying, Woah, Cool, and Choo Choo.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4 Wheeler

Jordan got his first 4 wheeler, It goes 5 miles an hour. Which is perfect. The day after he got it, it rained and rained, and he couldn't have been happier playing in the puddles

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tulip Festival

Joel, Jordan and I went to the Tulip Festival today. We had a great time, not all the tulips had bloomed yet because of having such a cold and long winter, but it was 100% more than I had ever seen before so I loved it.

Of course, while I was discovering tulips and shooting photos, Jordan discovered all the joys of rolling down hills. He would run to the top and roll and roll and laugh and laugh.

So of course Joel joined him and they both rolled and rolled. I'm not sure who had more fun. I loved watching both of my boys while they giggled.

Jordan has a friend

Jordan has finally found a friend in Utah, He has been so bored and lonely since we got here, and we met Creed who lives 2 houses down. They are 3 weeks apart, and love all the same things, they play so great together and are even the exact same size, I guess they will both grow up to be 5'6, They have a standing play date once a week, and love to see each other out on the streets and play cars. Now I just have to teach him that we don't open mouth kiss our friends. But, don't worry, he will never forget his homeys in Vegas Tig, Lila and Lauren, but its about time he found a boy to play with.