Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was great. They had an Easter party at Draper Park, and Joel and I took Jordan. Jordan got so excited when he that he got to gather Easter eggs, he ran all the way there with Joel at his side. They made you circle the area of the hunt then they blew this big fog horn whistle and all the kids took off running. Jordan was freaking out with excitement. Of course he wanted to open each egg before he gathered the next one, but he still ended up with enough. He was just so cute running around with his basket. They also had a bounce house there, and clowns, and jugglers and face painting. We had a great time and it was all free, which was the best part. I’m glad we went, we will have to go every year. We then took him over to Thanksgiving point since I just got the season pass, and went to the Dinosaur Museum. He loved it, we let him play in the kids area with the water and sand and Joel and him made lakes and rivers and made the flash floods knock over all the plastic dinosaur. Its was so cute. Then we just went and grabbed lunch and all came home and took naps. I have never napped so much in my life, but it felt great.

On Easter Sunday, Joel hid candy around the house for Jordan this morning, and got him a Tomas the Train Easter basket. Jordan was so excited to gather candy and just kept saying “I mun d Ester Bonny” ( I love the Easter Bunny) he was a lot of fun. But note to self for next year, he needs to wake up and have a healthy breakfast before the candy starts cause he was so wired and silly. We were cracking up at him cause he was because he was being so silly. Then he crashed and got tired and grumpy, man, no one can say the sugar doesn’t affect us. But it was a great morning


Carrie said...

Holy smokes...two posts in one month. What cute boy.

Baldwin Fam said...

Ditto on Carrie's comment. :) Are you still feelin good?