Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Little Lake

When Amy and her Kids came up, and Emily stayed the week, we had a blast. Of course I forgot me camera almost every time we went somewhere, but we did bring it on our little picnic at the lake. I didn't think the kids would get in the cold water, so we didn't bring a change of clothes, but it didn't stop them, they had a great time splashing each other and playing in the muddy ground.

After they played in the water I tried to change Jordans Diaper since he was all wet, he took off running as soon as my head was turned. I swear that Boy is to fast. He is my little free spirit

I can't help it, I love this picture, he has the the cutest butt (sorry mom) in the world.


Rod and LaDawn said...

LOL! Cute little bum. Ya gotta love those photo ops. I have a picture of Carson just like that only he was wearing rain boots. They were the only thing he would put on after his bath for like an hour!

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

That naked butt is hilarious! You should definitely bust that picture out as "first date" material. :)