Friday, June 20, 2008

Fathers Day

Joel's fathers day gift from Jordan was a front mounted seat for his bike. They are a lot safer than the old back mounted seats and Joel loves to drive around with Jordan between his arms so he can talk and point out the world to him. He is the best Dad in the world, We are so lucky to have him.

My Little Gym

We put Jordan in a Little Gym class. I is having a blast, but he doesn't really listen to anything the teacher says, or doesn't like to wait his turn, but we are working on it. Actually, his favorite part is the end of class when the teacher blow bubbles on his belly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Jordan is totally obsessed with trains right now, so when we found this train graveyard, He got so excited, he let out the biggest squeal I have ever heard and couldnt wait to go explore them. We stayed for so long because he couldnt get enough. He just kept saying, Woah, Cool, and Choo Choo.