Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break in the snow

Well who said that spring break is suppose to be spent on a beach somewhere. Actually My sister Robin and John did go to Hawaii and I got to keep her 3 kids and had a totally different spring break than their parents did. We had such a great time together. Robin left them with some money so that we could go and play, and boy did we have a great time spending it. We went to the indoor pool, Hoogle Zoo, Boondocks, Kangaroo Zoo, the Mall, lots of restaurant's, and of course sledding, tubing and building snowmen. It was great to have them up here.

During the week, My sister Jill and her family also came up after they dropped my Nephew Bobby off at the MTC, they spent a few days with us and we had 13 people here, it was great, there were bodies all over the floor at bedtime and everyone had a great time. The boys went tubing off of the big hill next to the church and the younger kids stayed with the hill in my back yard. It was great hanging out, they went to the Movie, went on walks, and of course we ate great. After they left, an hour later Robin and John came back from Hawaii and we ran down and played Miniature golf, Jon Jon couldn't get enough of it after we play one day so there was no way he was leaving Utah without playing one more time. He beat us all so he is pretty proud. Right after they left, Joels Brother Mark and his family came up from Richfield and spent the day, we went out to eat and hung. Then on Easter the next morning, Joels Parents came, they went to church with us and Joels sister Julie and her kids came up for Easter dinner. WOW, thats a lot of people in a weeks time, and they all just left and the house seems so quiet. It's kinda sad, I loved having everyone here. Jordan really loves it, he is such a party animal and loves all the action. Now I have one day to reorganize and head to Vegas for the next week. Who said Life would slow down once I moved? It's great!!

The Harpers family Photo before Bobby left for the MTC.
Bobby, we will miss you. See you in 2.


~FRANCOM FUN~ said...

seriously girl!! You have had so much company & have been so busy!!!
Hope to see you soon! Love the pics!
I can't believe Bobby is old enough to serve a mission now! Life is too fast & Crazy!

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

So ok, I am starting to think that there is way more to do up there, than there is down here! You look like you had a blast with all the activities. Jordan's getting so big. :)

misti said...

It is good to see you are having fun. But it is 83 degrees here!

Kueenkrissy said...

What part UT are you in again? It looks beautiful and probably a nice change from the Vegas heat. Miss ya and keep in touch!

Rod & LaDawn said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Miss ya girlie!